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Sowing the seeds of the quilted May Flowers wallhanging

Yesterday, we looked at the colorways that make up the NEW and vibrant Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes collection. I also gave you the list of fabric requirements for the May Flowers wallhanging. Now that we have picked our colorway, onto making the May flowers!

I often use fusible applique and I encourage everyone to try it! It’s the perfect technique when you want something simple and achievable. The added advantage to using Banyan Batiks fabric for applique is that the high thread count ensures minimal fraying and maintains its shape beautifully.

Below are the three template pages you will need.


Template for making the vase of flowers with Banyan Batiks Floral Boxes! Free pattern - follow us!
Template sheet 1 – vase



Template page 2 - small blue flowers and yellow centers for red flowers
Template page 2 – small blue flowers and yellow centers for red flowers



Template page 3 - red flowers and leaves
Template page 3 – red flowers and leaves


These are my usual steps for creating with fusible applique.

Step 1 Trace templates onto the paper side of the fusible using a pencil.

Step 2 Using paper scissors, cut around the templates at about ¼”, you don’t have to be exact at this point.

Step 3 Fuse your template pieces onto the reverse side of the fabrics you selected. You’ll notice that I removed the excess fusible in the center of each applique. I do this to allow for less stiffness in the final project.

Step 4 Cut out template pieces on the drawn pencil line.


Preparing fusible applique pieces
Preparing fusible applique pieces



Almost ready for applique!
Almost ready for applique!


To make the flower stems, I cut 2 strips at 2″ wide and 12″ long from the green fabric.

I used the Clover ½” bias tape maker. I didn’t make these stems from bias cuts of fabric as they did not need to curve. This tool is very useful for making lovely straight strips of fabric.

Once pressed, I cut the 2 strips in half so that I ended up with 4 flower stems.

Another amazing feature of the Banyan Batiks is how well they press and hold a fold! It makes these fabrics a joy to work with.

Join me tomorrow, to see the May Flower wallhanging bloom!


Templates for May Flower wallhanging
Templates for May Flower wallhanging



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