Spectrum QAL Block 3 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

I’m Pam Voth, and I’m back with Block 3 of the Spectrum QAL on QUILTsocial. I’m completing my blocks using fabric from the Delightful collection by Riley Blake.

Pam’s Version of Block 3 from the Spectrum QAL

This block is an arrangement of 2½” squares so, if you carefully cut each square, the blocks go together more precisely. I put my block together in nine squares, just as I had done in Block 2.

Using a fabric collection means that after you have labelled your colors using the suggested amounts of fabric in the instructions, your final block becomes a celebration of the complementary designs in each fabric. I used different fabrics from Paul Léger’s quilt, and carefully labelled each fabric according to the amount and the name of the fabric in the instructions, so that I could easily assemble the block.

The center block of light grey fabric is complemented by the triangles of light blue. Pay careful attention to the corners and the every-other-fabric design of the center block – everything in the design is done to celebrate the colors and the half-square triangle design.

For me, quilting is a combination of critical thinking and connection. I love creating my own blocks using my fabric scraps (quilting doesn’t always have to be about spending a lot of money), but this project is connecting me with other quilters online and helping me to continue to develop both my skills and my perspective as a quilter. Each of us who choose to quilt have a creative side that includes the ability to use shape and fabrics of any kind to create beautiful quilt blocks that can become anything from a table runner to a pillow to a bag for your books. Don’t hesitate – dig in and try something new!

So, please take the time to connect with me, and share your version of Block 3 by posting it with #TheSewGoesOn. Be sure to check out my version of the Spectrum QAL Block 1 and Block 2 as well.

Claire Haillot – Block 1

Elaine Theriault – Block 1

Paul Léger – Block 1

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