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Spectrum QAL Block 5 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

Spectrum QAL Block 5 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

by Pam Voth

I’m Pam Voth, and I’m back with Block 5 of the Spectrum QAL on QUILTsocial. I’m completing my blocks using fabric from the Delightful collection by Riley Blake.

The star pattern around the center square as well as flying geese and half square triangles highlight the design of Block 5.

Pam’s version of Block 5 from the Spectrum QAL

Working to create perfect points is one of the biggest challenges in quilting. I’ve talked about the 5- Stitch Trick before and I use this trick regularly to help me ensure that I’m matching seams. The trick simply has you match the seams and then sew 5 quick stitches on your machine, open the fabric and see if the seams match. It saves a lot of time ripping out long seams after you’ve misjudged your matching. This trick also works when you are attempting to get a sharp point when sewing your flying geese to another fabric (like the center of Block 5). I sewed across the center and then checked my accuracy.

One of the greatest learnings of creating handmade quilts is the idea that when you make something, it will not be perfect. We who sew out of love for sewing and our homes and families, are not machines and therefore, I’ve adopted the mantra that I am good enough today and I will be better tomorrow because I continue to take on new challenges, stretch myself and get better with each new project. Find fulfillment in what life brings your way and continue to grow, learn, and change. Have you tried something new today? If not, why not? Use and develop your creativity and genius by contributing beautiful creations to the world. Embrace your vulnerability and never be afraid of what others think – if someone criticizes you, it is often more about them than you. So, stand tall and be yourself. Let your own quilting style bring you both joy and confidence.

Block 5 allows for more practice with half-square triangles and flying geese. These skills are common parts of many quilt blocks and so, doing a lot of them will help you to feel capable to experiment with designing your own blocks. There are many ways to create flying geese, so find one that works for you and see what you can create. When you start understanding how measurement works when quilting, you are able to come up with your own designs and bring your whole heart and soul into your creations, experimenting with color and fabric as you learn. When you finish this quilt-a-long, you’ll have built up a bank of skills that will support you in making any quilt you want to tackle in the future.

So, please take the time to connect with me, and share your version of Block 5 by posting it with #TheSewGoesOn. Be sure to check out my version of the Spectrum QAL B Block 4 as well.


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