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Spectrum QAL Block 12 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

Spectrum QAL Block 12 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

by Pam Voth

I’m Pam Voth, and I’m back with Block 12 of the Spectrum QAL on QUILTsocial. I’m completing my blocks using fabric from the Delightful Collection by Riley Blake. This is my last block of the Spectrum QAL. Here are the full instructions on how to make Spectrum QAL Block 12 .

Diamond designs, flying geese, squares and rectangles come together to create this block’s unique design.

Pam’s Version of Block 12 from the Spectrum QAL

Block 12 is very simple in its design. The corners give a star effect and for me, the use of bold, contrasting colors highlights the diamond design that is part of this block. I have completed the quilt-as-you-go part of this block by machine quilting around the diamonds and squares and the points of the stars on the corners. Machine quilting is best done slowly with a walking foot, taking care to steam and press out any wrinkles before you begin. You can stitch-in-the-ditch or on the inside of the square to frame it or any combination. Choice of thread is important – if the stitches will be seen, you need to decide whether you want them to blend in or contrast and think about how straight you’re able to make your seams. It’s not impossible to rip out machine quilting but, you really don’t want to do it unless it is necessary.

I completed the sashing for this block. I used two different fabrics – one for the top of the quilt (the blue) and one for the bottom because I wanted the bottom fabric to match the backing of the quilt blocks. It’s a trickier process but it’s well worth the effort. I included a picture of my completed quilt, in my living room. I have enjoyed following along the Spectrum QAL, as well as the other blogs I completed for QUILTsocial. For me, quilting is about connecting. It’s not about fancy machines or expensive fabric, it’s about my quilting group friends and every person for whom I created something. I have improved a lot since I started, although, I still make lots of mistakes. There are a lot of projects still in my future – friends who need a table runner, babies who need special blankets, and newlywed couples who need a quilt to snuggle up under. Thanks for reading my stories, hopefully, they inspired you to connect and quilt. Keep on looking for ways to spread joy and learn and grow every day. If you want to connect with me, visit my website at

Diamond designs, flying geese, squares, and rectangles come together to create this block’s unique design.

Pam’s completed Spectrum QAL

Please take the time to connect with me and share your version of Block 12 by posting it with #TheSewGoesOn. Be sure to check out my version of the Spectrum QAL Block 11 as well.

Elaine Theriault - Block 12

Elaine Theriault – Block 12

Paul Léger - Block 12

Paul Léger – Block 12

Claire Haillot - Block 12

Claire Haillot – Block 12


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