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3 colors mockup of the Spectrum QAL quilt blocks

3 colors mockup of the Spectrum QAL quilt blocks

by Carla A. Canonico

After our Live Event for the Spectrum Quilt reveal of June 29, that night, quiltmaker and author of Walking Foot Quilting Designs / Edge-to-Edge Walking Foot Quilting Designs, Melissa Marginet jumped at the opportunity to make a mockup of the Spectrum quilt blocks using only three colors.

During the virtual event, Claire Haillot, Elaine Theriault, Paul Léger, and I were joking about what if we reduced the number of colors used to make the original blocks from 12 to only six (see video at 55minutes in) and laughed even harder at the possibility of making the Spectrum quilt blocks using only three! You guessed it! Melissa took up the challenge and shared her version of using three predominant colors with us.

A mockup of 12 quilt blocks based on the Spectrum QAL quilt blocks

Melissa’s mockup of the Spectrum QAL quilt blocks using 3 colors! Totally changes the look of each quilt block.

Her version of the Spectrum quilt blocks looks different yet from the originals made by Claire, Elaine, and Paul. I’m always fascinated and inspired by the power of color in quilting combinations.

“There was a comment about using only three fabrics would be a challenge. So, I took the challenge (just in a mockup) and wanted to share it with you”, says Melissa.

Are you up for the challenge? I invite you to share your take on the colors for these sparkling quilt blocks if you have a moment to play with color. Send me your mockup, I’d also love to know what colors you’re going to use!

You can find more of Melissa Marginet’s inspiring quilting thoughts, tutorials, and projects on and @melissamarginet.


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