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Fire up your camping chair with customized embroidery

Fire up your camping chair with customized embroidery

by Shaelagh Kirkey

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Yesterday in the fourth of my ‘Beginner on the Brother Luminaire XP’ series, I embroidered a turkey bucket hat to represent my family’s silly nickname. I’ll be so proud to wear it… but now I need to convince everyone else in my family that they need one too, LOL!

Brother Luminaire XP

The Brother Luminaire XP

Today’s project is the last of this series. Since I may as well ‘go big or go home’, I’ve chosen to tackle a large and awkward piece. Betcha can’t guess what this is.

An unusually shaped piece of blue fabric. Brother Luminaire XP

What an odd shape, right?

Don’t you just love campfires? I myself have spent many summers sitting on my camp chair, huddled in close to the flames. I always enjoy basking in the heat once the cool evening air sets in. That and the s’mores! When I was little, my sister and I had our very own personalized kiddie camp chair— see, they even have our names on them:

Two children sitting in custom camp chairs. Brother Luminaire XP

Tiny me loved camping—and I still do!!

I’ve long since outgrown that one (and having my name on it), and I’ve had a grown-up chair for years now, which has accompanied me on many camping trips. I thought that giving it a fun, campfire-themed embroidery job would be a nice way to refresh it a little, you know, really make it my own. So, yeah, what you saw in that first picture is the fabric of my camp chair. My handyman Dad removed it from the frame, and I removed the stitching from along the top band (on the right in the pic above) so that I could embroider the back of it without the back side of the stitching showing on the front.

The design I picked pays homage to my love of s’mores. Embroidery Library has an adorable series of woodland creatures roasting marshmallows, so I chose a little fox to embroider on the back of my chair.

Alright! Onto the nitty-gritty of the project. I prepped my design by playing with colors again and added a baste stitch. Once again, I used the ever-so-helpful sticky tearaway. Did you know that it comes in black, too? Yeah, that completely blew me away!

Using the same method as yesterday, I hooped my cutaway and added a sticky tearaway on top. I then basted my piece of sticky tearaway, tore away the paper, and stuck my camp chair on top.

Layers of stabilizers basted down within a loop on the Brother Luminaire XP.

All my stabilizing layers basted down!

I needed to baste my fabric to the layers as well, as this particular piece of fabric was very prone to shifting.

A basting stitch holds down hooped layers on the Brother Luminaire XP.

Everything secured with my basting stitch

I love the colors of this one! Here is the stitched design.

An embroidered fox roasting marshmallows, embroidered on the Brother Luminaire XP.

Almost done!

I cleaned my toasty fox up and removed the stabilizer, and re-did the topstitching that I took out at the beginning. Then I got some more assistance from my dad reassembling my chair. Originally, the chair was put together with rivets, but screws work quite well in replacing them if you don’t have access to a rivet gun.

A fox embroidered on an outdoor camp chair. Brother Luminaire XP

Isn’t he so cute?

And that’s a wrap! Thanks so much for joining me as I learned to embroider on the Brother Luminaire! I had a blast learning what I can do and coming up with fun projects! I hope you had as much fun as I did creating your own embroidery projects! See you again in August when I explore a new theme showcasing more easy projects on the Brother Luminaire XP!

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