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The many uses of DecoBob thread

by Christine Baker

Not just for the bobbin!

Throughout many of my previous posts I’ve used DecoBob in the bobbin when I’ve been testing out the different types of WonderFil threads that were sent to me. Lucy Garvin from WonderFil recently sent me a chart that highlighted the many uses of DecoBob thread, so this week I’m going to show them to you!

Getting the details

In case you missed my previous posts that mentioned DecoBob, it’s an 80 wt cottonized polyester. DecoBob creates high definition for any quilt stitch and it’s great as a bobbin thread for machine embroidery. It can also be used as the top and bottom thread for quilting, quilt construction and all purpose sewing, including button holes. Since it’s so fine, it’s also excellent for hidden stitching.


Available in 36 colors in 2187yd (2000m) spools and 6500yd (6000m) cones.

Pre-wound bobbins! One less step for you!

DecoBob comes on spools and also in prewound bobbins. The thread is tightly wound on high quality AS bobbins, which are re-usable. Unlike most other prewound bobbins, DecoBob prewound is free of any chemical adhesive to ensure unhindered delivery of the thread. This also avoids the build up of undesired residue (dried adhesive) in both the bobbin case and machine. Since the tension in the bobbin is so consistent, it makes stitches regular and even and minimal bobbin tension adjustment is required. The thread is so fine, it reduces build up of bobbin thread to enhance sewing results. Because of its high tenacity, it works well even with heavy top thread. The matte finish also blends well with most fabrics.

Pre-filled bobbins of DecoBob from WonderFil

Pre-filled bobbins of DecoBob from WonderFil

So many ways to use this thread

Here’s the chart that Lucy Garvin sent me. As you can see, it gives lots of great tips, such as what size of needle to use and what stitch length will work best.

DecoBob chart

DecoBob chart

What we’ve done so far

In my previous posts, I used DecoBob in the bobbin when I couched threads and machine quilted using Mirage thread from WonderFil, and I used it for thread painting with Tutti and KonfettiLucy tells me that she loves to use it as the top and bottom threads for machine quilting and also for hand stitching the back of her bindings. With all this research, I’m starting to get some ideas of what I can work on this week and ways to show off the many uses of DecoBob thread!



Janet T November 29, 2016 - 1:15 pm

I applique also. Need to check this thread out!!

Eileen Keane December 23, 2014 - 9:18 am

This thread sounds like it would be good to use for my hand applique! I think I have to do some research, aka retail therapy.
Thank you for bringing this thread to my attention.


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