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To Organize, or not to Organize… | Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

Why do we organize things? Well those of us that do organize things – why do we do it? There are a couple of reasons – one, the area in question looks much neater (usually) and secondly, it takes way less time to find things. And how many times does it take to scramble through a mess before you think – “I have to organize this!” That is my issue with my quilting patterns for the long arm and my quilts to be quilted. Long arm patterns There are THREE categories of patterns – 1. very specialized patterns that I use on rare occasions,

Elaine Theriault is a teacher, writer and pattern designer who is completely obsessed with quilting. Elaine’s Tech Tips column (originally published in A Needle Pulling Thread magazine) is now available online in e-book format at When not quilting, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Lexi and Murphy, or can be found cycling across the country. Her blog is

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