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Why I’m so excited about the PFAFF ImageStitch app


In my June 2018 post, I showed you how to perfect the flying geese block using the PFAFF creative icon while making a modern throw using the wonderful Canvas collection from Northcott.

In the last post of the week, I started the quilting portion and showed you how to use the Shape Creator. But I have to say that I have found an easier way to quilt this project! And I have the ImageStitch app to thank for this: it’s the best app ever for quilters!

The PFAFF creative icon is your bestie when it's time to quilt a project!
The PFAFF creative icon is your bestie when it’s time to quilt a project!


ImageStitch is a free app available for your smartphone or tablet that lets you take a picture and transfer it into stitches for you to embroider. You can save the design on your mySewnet cloud and it will be synchronized to your mySewnet on your creative icon. So I designed my flying geese outline on my personal computer and printed it out. I then took a photo of it and went onto the ImageStitch app and incorporated it in the app.

Introducing the best app ever: ImageStitch
Introducing the best app ever: ImageStitch


How the ImageStitch app works


ImageStitch on your Smartphone
ImageStitch on your Smartphone


Once in the app with photo downloaded, you get to choose the type of embroidery you want. It can be scattered large or small or a simple line bold or thin. You can also use the eraser icon to remove the lines you do not wish to have. Once you’re happy with the look, you can save it onto your sewnet cloud. It will automatically download to your creative icon. I wanted to have the quilted ‘look’ as opposed an embroidered one, so I opted for LineArt bold and saved the design.

My very own quilting design for flying geese
My very own quilting design for flying geese


I turned on the creative icon to find my downloaded embroidery design in mySewnet file! I simply touched the name and it opened the design on the creative icon screen. I was able to resize my design and position in the hoop where I wanted it. I then realized I needed the embroidery facing the other way as I had placed the quilt up-side down. Instead of having to re-hoop the quilt, I simply clicked the ‘mirror’ image and I was ready to start the embroidery.

Once again, I preferred using Sulky rayon solid 40wt thread in light silver to ensure that the thread wouldn’t break while embroidering. I love how it looks on my quilt! I used a light silver so that it would pop up in the red sections of the quilt. It blended well with all the rest of my quilting made with 100% cotton 40wt Sulky thread.

Quilting Status on Sewnet app on your Smartphone
Quilting Status on Sewnet app on your Smartphone


What was also great about this is that I could start the embroidery onto my quilt and follow the progress on my cell phone thanks to the SewNotice app. I was able to go and start packing for the cottage and my cell phone would prompt me to go back when the embroidery was finished. I just had to go back to set the next position on the quilt and press start before going back to packing.

I truly enjoyed having the freedom to create my own quilt design
I truly enjoyed having the freedom to create my own quilt design


I truly enjoyed having the freedom to create my own quilt design and being able to have the creative icon stitch it in place. This has just opened up so many other new possibilities! I have so many UFOs that are in the quilting stage waiting for the perfect quilt design! Now I can sketch it and embroider it on the PFAFF creative icon thanks to the ImageStitch app. It really is the best app ever for quilters! I’ll be back tomorrow to show you another way to quilt triangles on your projects using the PFAFF creative icon.

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Married with three young boys, Claire Haillot shares her passion for quilting among her neighbors in the United States and Canada as well as her cousins in France. Claire has been active in the quilting industry since 2004. At first, she opened a quilt shop and started to teach, write how-to guides and translate patterns and product information into French for American companies. In 2006, she started her own line of patterns and later began publishing patterns and articles in Canadian, European and American magazines. You might have seen some of her work in Quilter’s World, Pratique du Patchwork or Canadian Quilter. She decided to close her brick & mortar quilt shop in 2016 to be able to concentrate more on teaching, writing and creating. She collaborated with PlumEasy patterns to launch the Dancing Diamonds and Gem bag patterns. Claire has also won a few awards for her work: • Juror’s choice at the Salon 2012 for her quilt Thomas goes fishing • Second Place in Vermont Quilt Festival of 2014 for her quilt Bienvenue • Second Place in Salon 2016 for her Lone Star quilt, and • Second Place in Vermont Quilt Festival 2016 for her quilt Remembering Sotchi. Her quilt Remembering Sotchi will be part of the Special Exhibit "A Celebration of Color" at the Quilt Festival in Chicago and Houston in 2018.


  1. Trish Bishop

    Wondering what software you used to make the design on your computer?

    • Hi Trish,
      I actually used Power Point 🙂
      I made a triangle then I played around with lines and matched them together to get the design I wanted. Then I erased the initial triangle as it was just my base to ensure that my angles were right.
      Once happy, I printed and took a picture.

  2. Barbara

    Thanks for the info

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