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Spectrum QAL Block 1 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

Spectrum QAL Block 1 with Pam Voth: Delightful Collection by Riley Blake

by Pam Voth

I’m Pam Voth and I welcome you into my sewing room as I share my version of Block 1 of the Spectrum Quilt-Along. I discovered this exciting opportunity while browsing the QUILTsocial website, and I’m completing my blocks using fabric from the Delightful Collection by Riley Blake.

The Riley Blake Delightful Collection fabric with Spectrum QAL Block.

The Riley Blake Delightful Collection I’m using for my version of the Spectrum QAL. It is delightful!

The tips and tricks from all three designers who spearheaded the quilt-along – Claire Haillot, Elaine Theriault, and Paul Léger – are part of what makes this project so great. You can get all instructions for their Blocks 1 through 12, on by clicking on the Spectrum QAL badge on the home page at any time! You can also click on the original ‘Block 1’ blocks down below.

Creating the flying geese was the biggest challenge of Block 1 for me. However, the descriptions and pictures (especially with the flying geese) allowed me, as a beginner, to feel confident and successful.

Each designer shows a different perspective on putting blocks together, and it was inspiring to see the block in various stages and with different colorways.

I love experimenting with different colors, and this project is absolutely perfect for matching fabrics. You could use fabrics from a collection, or you could literally just pull out your stash and have a go. For my version of Block 1, the four corners could be totally different fabrics than the triangles in the geese. I believe the world is your oyster when it comes to quilting, and this project is perfect for any new quilter who wants to experiment with a variety of techniques and be able to create a quilt using your own pallet of colors!

One of the greatest benefits in my quilting life is connecting with my quilting group and sharing the challenges and joys of quilting. I’ve learned a big lesson: everything is more fun and less daunting when you aren’t afraid to ask for help or get advice. So, as soon as I finished Block 1, I shared it with my quilting group. Celebrating with people who understand and appreciate your journey is the best part of life. And now, I’m happy to share my experience with you! Stay tuned for Block 2 in June.

Please take the time to connect with me by sharing your version of Block 1 on social media with the hashtag, #TheSewGoesOn. Thanks for watching! Please share and subscribe.

Claire Haillot - Block 1

Claire Haillot – Block 1

Elaine Theriault - Block 1

Elaine Theriault – Block 1

Paul Léger - Block 1

Paul Léger – Block 1


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